A globally connected eco-system. The future is ONE.

Launched on Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address:

Welcome to ONE

An eco-system connected globally by like minded individuals focused on the future.

Bringing the Best Worlds Together

Our project is dedicated towards bringing the best of best worlds: high demand, low supply, juicy reflections and a strong eco-system.

Combining Principles for Forward Momentum

By combining these principles with hard work and dedication, we are setting the tone moving forward.


Backed by an absolute bullish community who strongly believes in our success, we will push forward to achieve what we deserve.

ONE's Safu Eco-System for Secure Opportunities

ONE is set on developing and releasing its eco-system, fully developed for the community to enjoy a safu environment with safu opportunities.

ONE eco-system

+ONE Launch System

+ONE Pot

+ONE Lounge


Max Wallet 3%
Max TX 3%

Total Supply: 3,700


Phase 1

  • ONE is idealized
  • ONE eco-system is created
  • ONE community building begins
  • ONE token design is finalized
  • Black Hole Algorithm creation
  • ONE branding commences
  • TG marketing begins
  • Twitter marketing begins
  • Official Contract is released
  • Launch Scheduled 04/25/2023 @ 7PM UTC

Phase 2

    Coming soon!

Phase 3

    Coming soon!